Related Parties

Purpose & Benefit: Related Parties are created to help you with conflict searches. Please click here for the full details on how to enable, setup and conduct conflict searches.

Please note: ‘Related Parties’ are not the same as ‘Additional Contacts’/’Contacts’.

  • Click on Settings under Clients tab.


  • Now click on Related Party Types tab.


  • Create a new Related Party Type by clicking on the Create New Related Party Type link.


  • Specify a Code for the related party type.


  • Specify a Description for the related party type.


  • Ensure Active? checkbox is enabled.


  • After entering the required data, click the Save button to save the related party type.


  • Now click on Related Parties under the Clients tab.


  • Click the Create New Related Party link to create a new related party.


  • Enter the required data and click the Save button to save the related party.


  • Now click on the name of the related party you created.


  • Scroll down to go to the Relationships section, and click the Create New Relationship link to create a new relationship.


  • Specify the Type of the new relationship from Client, Adversary, Co-Party, or Other.


  • Specify a sub-type if necessary. This is the list of Relationship Types you have created under Clients>Settings>Relationship Type.


  • Specify whether you want to define the new relationship through your list of Clients or Matters, then type or double-click for a list of options to choose from your existing client-matter data.


  • Specify the date for this new relationship.


  • You may type in a custom title for this new relationship.


  • Specify any relevant Notes.


  • After entering the required information, click the Save button to save the new relationship.

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