Paying Other Parties and Refunds from Trust Account



To pay a third party from a Trust Account whose charges are not represented on an invoice or if the balance has to be refunded to the client click on Trust under Payments tab and create a disbursement entry against the desired trust or retainer entry:

  • Select Trust under Payments tab.


  • Select the Client/Matter.


  • The trust account should populate in the Trust Account field.


  • Select Disbursement under the Transaction field drop down.


  • Specify the Date this transaction will be recorded in their account.


  • You can specify who you are sending the money to in the Paid To field.


  • Reference field can be used to add a check number.


  • Specify the Amount you are sending out.


  • Notes field can be used to enter a specific note regarding the transaction. Notes can be edited after saving the entry details by click on the edit link next to the listed Trust entry.


  • Click Save


Once that is done you will be able to view the disbursement at the bottom of your screen.  It will show you all transactions on that trust account and the last transaction, which is the disbursement, will show up at the very bottom.

You can also view the disbursement by going to that client/matter then clicking on the trust tab, at the bottom it will show all the transactions, and the disbursement will show up there as well, with an ending balance of what is left in the trust account.

To view all transactions within a trust, please Trust Banking Report

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