Overview of Billing and Payments Process

Generating invoices in TimeSolv is an easy and efficient process. This overview explains the process of generating, editing and sending bills to your clients.

Creating an Invoice

Generating an invoice requires the selection of just a few criteria. Simply choose the client and date range, and TimeSolv automatically creates a bill that includes all time and expense entries meeting that criteria. An invoice is considered a draft until it is sent to the client; this is important when editing your invoices.

Editing an Invoice

Invoice editing is one of TimeSolv’s most valuable features. Virtually any piece of information related to an invoice can be edited from the Invoices tab. In other words, you do not have to return to the Time, Expense tabs to make changes. TimeSolv automatically retains the original values of all time and expense entries for internal auditing purposes. Permanent changes to client address and contact information can be saved from the Invoices tab and, most importantly, new time and expense entries can be made directly from this page. You can also view an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of your invoice.

Sending Invoices

There are several options for sending the invoice to your client, including auto mail, email delivery, print/regular mail. After you send an invoice, you can still view it, but no further edits can be made.

Receiving Payments

Once you receive payment from a client, the remittance can be recorded on the Payments tab. You can keep an accurate and up-to-date record of payments and promptly allocate your receipts to the appropriate projects.

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