Non-Billable Project Administration

Purpose & Benefit: At TimeSolv, our users often want to create time or expense entries that are non-billable or appear on an invoice as a no-charge. This is a crucial feature that you can set in the permissions area of each timekeeper you have. TimeSolv recommends that timekeepers track all their time for the day, whether that time is billable or not. This will allow the firm to see how much time may be spent on non-billable tasks and provide good data on how to allocate resources within the firm. Non-billable entries will NOT appear on client invoices, but you can view and manage these non-billable projects under the following criteria.


This allows one to close or delete time and expense entries for non-billable projects.

  • Select the Settings link under Clients.


  • Select the Non-Billable Matter/Project Admin.


  • Select the Time/Expense entries you wish to modify by checking the box. This will activate the Open, Close, and Delete buttons below (example below).

Open – will reopen the Time/Expense entries of selected Non-Billable Matters/Projects within the specified date range.
Close – will mark the Time/Expense entries of the selected Non-Billable Matters/Projects as billed while the records will remain in the system.
Delete – will permanently remove the Time/Expense entries of the selected Non-Billable Matters/Projects from the system.

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