How to Move a Matter/Project to Another Client

Purpose & Benefit: Let’s say you have a Client with a Matter/Project that you wish to move and put under another Client, but the Matter/Project in question has several years worth of entries against it that have never been billed. Here’s how you can move all that data to the other Client:

  • After creating the new Matter/Project under the new Client, you need to export all of your time entries by clicking on Import/Export under Account tab.


  • Click on the Export Excel tab.


  • Please choose the Entity you would like to transfer. In this example, we are going to transport the Time entries.


  • Specify the Date Range period for the Time Entries you want to transport, or leave the fields blank to allow ALL time data to be exported.


  • Specify whether you would like to export Unbilled, Billed, or All Time Entries.


  • Click on Export. An Excel file will be downloaded.


  • Now open the Excel file and remove any unwanted data. You want to use this exported file as a template for your import file. Change the Client ID and Project ID numbers against the relevant time entries you wish to move to a different client-matter, and instead replace those ID’s with the new client and new matter ID.


  • Now import this edited Excel file back into the system by clicking on Import Excel tab.


  • Select the Entity being imported from the drop-down list of options. In this example, we are importing Time.


  • Download the Time Example File which will show the user how to correctly format the Excel file being imported to ensure a smooth import.


  • Choose the file you want to upload for importing.


  • TimeSolv exports the data with a FirstName, LastName format, so make sure to select this Name Format.


  • Choose which Rate you want to be associated with the time entries. You can allow TimeSolv to look the rate up, or use the rate from the import file.


  • Click on Import button.

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