Manage Approvers

Purpose & Benefit: Approval systems can be an essential tool for ensuring quality control for your valuable clients. TimeSolv allows you to dictate approvals for entries created against certain Matter/Projects, or entries created by certain Timekeepers. Reviewing your employees’ work can also serve as a dependable teaching method for reflecting your business’s standardization and internal process.



The Manage Approvers screen lets one create/view/edit/delete the time and expense project/staff level approvers.

Note: to enable/view “Manage Approvers” button in profile, your admin must have enabled time and expense Approvals. To do this please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in knowledge base

To Create a New Approver:

  • Select the Staff/Professionals link under Account tab.


  • Select the timekeeper/professional you would like to assign an approver to.


  • Under Profile tab, select Manage Approvers.


  • Select the level of the approver.

Note: When the Level 1 approver approves the time entry, it will then be made available to the Level 2 approver, and so on. You may also have multiple approvers on the same level number. So, for example, you may have three approvers at Level 1. One of which will have to approve the time entry before it proceeds to the Level 2 approver. 


  • Specify the approver name from staff list.


  • Specify Approver Type from:
    Both Time and Expense


  • You can activate/deactivate the approver from the checkbox.


  • Click Save.


  • Click Edit if you wish to edit the approver.


  • Click Delete if you wish to delete the approver.

Note: You cannot delete an approver if they still have time entries waiting to be approved by them.

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