Creating Expense Entries

Purpose & Benefit:  Our expense tracking software ensures every business expense is organized, accessible, and comprehensible. Gone are the days of paper bills, Excel spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts. Let’s face it, it’s about time. TimeSolv lets you enter expenses from anywhere through our TimeSync app, even without internet access.



  • Select the Expense Entry link under the Expense tab.


  • By default, the expense entry will be created for the current day. If you are making entries for past dates, simply select the desired date from the calendar and then create an expense entry.


  • If you are creating an Expense Entry for a Task To-Do, you can select the Task To-Do so that all Task and Matter/Project details can be pulled into the Expense Entry fields for easier, quicker, and accurate entry.


  • The Task window will pop up. You can search for the Task and refine the search by Due date if needed.


  • Alternatively, simply click on the Task name from the list.

  • Specify the Timekeeper/Professional you are creating an expense entry for. Type, or double-click on the field for a drop down list of all your staff.

Note: this field only displays if Timekeeper has access to create entries for all Timekeepers.


  • Specify the Matter/Project you are creating an expense for. Type, or double-click on the field for a drop down list of all your matters.


  • If this Matter/Project is associated with a Task To-Do, please select from your list of tasks.


  • Specify the Expense Code relevant to this entry (you will not be able to edit this field if you specified a Task To-Do that has a forced Expense Code enabled under it). Type, or double-click on the field for a drop down list of all your expense codes.

Note: Expense codes can be created and modified. Click here for more information.


  • Specify the Billable Type from
    No Charge

Note: The Billable Type drop down will only be available to those timekeepers who have been granted permission by the firm admin. Billable expense entry is the current way the expense entry is working i.e., the expense entry is shown on the invoice and the customer is charged for it; the non-billable expense entry does not show on the invoice and the customer will be charged for it; the no charge expense entry is shown on the invoice but the customer is not charged for it.



  • Specify the Quantity of this expense entry.


  • Specify the Price Per Unit.


  • Specify the Markup (%) if necessary.


  • Provide a Description for this expense entry if necessary.


  • Click on the document icon  to see your list of available abbreviations.


  • Click on the sync icon  to replace abbreviations with the saved phrases.


  • If you have any Expense Receipts, upload the relevant image file (see here for more information on uploading, viewing, and editing expense receipts).


  • Click the Save & New button to save the expense entry and create a new expense entry or click the Save & Duplicate button to save the new expense entry and also create an editable copy of it.


  • The new Expense Entry will appear listed below the Expense Entry fields.


  • You can view a summary of Expense Entry details by clicking on the document icon.


  • You can view any attached Expense Receipt image files by clicking on magnifying icon.


  • Click on Edit link to pull all the Expense Entry details back into the fields above. After making relevant changes simply click on ‘Update‘.


  • Click on the downwards arrow for more options related to the saved Expense Entry. You can copy the Expense Entry details by clicking on Copy.


  • You can Delete the Expense Entry from here.


  • You can Download Expense Receipt.


  • NOTE: If it says Pending under the Status, it means that the expense entry is on a draft invoice.


If Approvals Are Enabled                                                    

  • If an approval system is set up for the Timekeeper, click on the Submit For Approval link.


  • The pop up window will open up on the Time Entries Approval tab by default. Click on Expense Entries tab.


  • You can view the Status of Approval History by clicking on the document icon.


  • In the Submit For Approval window, check the expense entries you want to approve, and click on the Submit For Approval.

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