How to make Tasks a required field on Time & Expense Entries

Purpose & Benefit: When creating project plans you want the flexibility to exercise your control in all areas of project work. You can make Tasks a required field so that Timekeepers must only work on the pending project plan tasks for Matters/Projects that need those assigned tasks to be completed first. This helps you ensure your Timekeepers are prioritizing their work efficiently.


You can make Tasks a required field for Matters/Projects that have a Task list or a Project Plan set up against it. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and choose the relevant matter/project.


  • Click on a specific Matter/Project.


  • Click on Matter Plan tab.


  • If you want Plan Tasks required on Time and Expense Entry for this Matter/Project, please select the checkbox:

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