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How to Resize a Logo to Fit Perfectly on the Invoice Header?

In order for your firm logo to fit perfectly on the invoice header, it may need to be resized to a width of 7 inches. Follow the instructions below to exactly resize a logo to be 7 inches wide using Irfan View software.

  • Select the Settings link under the Account tab.


  • Select the Invoice Logo tab.


  • Select Choose File link to upload your logo image.


  • If you get an error message from TimeSolv warning that the logo is too wide, you will need to resize the image to exactly 7 inches wide. Note down the inches of your logo displayed in the warning message, for example ‘the logo is 8.123235 inches too wide’. You can edit this through Irfan View Software. Visit www.irfanview.com to download the software.


  • Click the Download link from the left panel.


  • Select the green ‘Download Now’ link to be redirected to CNET download.com.


  • Select the large green ‘Download Now’ link. Once the download is complete, install the software on your computer.


  • Open Irfan View Software and select the File tab from the top panel, and click on Open to edit your oversized logo image.


  • To convert the logo to be exactly 7 inches wide, divide 7 into the logo’s current width. So for example, if it is 8.123235 inches too wide, 7 divided by 8.123235 = 0.8617256548653338. Round this number off to 0.86 which means 86%. You will now resize the logo on Irfan View Software by 86% in the field shown below:


  • Under the File tab, select Save As and save your edited logo image to be uploaded again on you TimeSolv account repeating the steps above.

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