Invoice Settings

Purpose & Benefit: Invoices serve as an itemized list of work done for the client, and details on what they owe you for it, which is why the detail should be as clear and concise as possible to avoid client disputes and delayed payments. That’s why it’s essential you have your invoice settings in place to ensure you have all the required details best suited to your business needs and client type.



To access invoice settings:

  • Select Settings under the Invoices tab.


  • Specify how you would like to view TimeSolv’s Invoice Label from:



  • Click on Create Statements with Zero Balance checkbox if required.


  • Click on Invoice for My Matters only? checkbox if you wish to only generate invoices for your own matters/projects.


  • Enable ‘Review required to send invoices?‘ checkbox if you want a mandatory review check on the draft invoices screen before any invoice can be sent out. This ensures quality control. This would mean under Invoices>Drafts>Edit Draft screen the ‘Review Complete‘ checkbox is marked before the invoice is sent out to the recipient.


  • Specify Default Invoice Contact from the list of options.


  • Specify Next Invoice Number.

Note: This can only be a numerical value, but you can change it to anything you want numerically. The default  starting number is 101.  If you want it to start differently, you can set that number here. For example, if your last invoice with your older billing software was 5,029, you can set next number here to 5,030. Also, when you void an invoice draft back to draft but you want that same invoice number back onto the revised draft, you can set that number here so that you can reuse that voided draft invoice number. TimeSolv will not repeat the same invoice number twice, so you do not need to worry about overriding existing invoices. 


  • Click on Copy Invoice emails to the sender check box to have a copy of invoices sent to the Timekeeper.


  • Click on Copy Statement emails to the sender check box to have a copy of statements sent to the Timekeeper.


  • Click on Enable Interest Only Invoices checkbox if you wish to enable this feature. This is useful for when you have no additional time or expense entry to bill for, but need to send out interest/outstanding balance from a previous invoice.

Note: You need to have interest activated and set up under the Client level for this checkbox to apply. See here for more information.


  • Click Save.


Flexible Billing Templates

Click here for information on Flexible Billing Templates settings.




  • Click on Automail tab to review invoices sent by the delivery option AutoMail. TimeSolv charges $1.49 per piece, and additional postage as required. No return mailer is included.

Note: Invoices on Automail will be sent out just before 17:00 Central Time. You can only review them until this time. At 17:00 Central Time, invoices located here will be sent to a third party sender and cleared from the screen. Any invoices manually removed from here continue to have a sent status, but will not be mailed by the third party sender.


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