Purpose & Benefit
: Move and/or sync your data across a number of applications, whether it be old legacy software like Timeslips, or accounting software such as QuickBooks, or to pull data from a simple Excel spreadsheet. TimeSolv’s importing capabilities make it easy to make the move. It only involves a few simple steps – and of course, we’re happy to guide you through it.  We will be there from conversion planning to ensuring that your first set of bills using TimeSolv go out on time. With exporting you can create data backups and create Excel files out of your data.


With TimeSolv, you can easily import and export data using the steps below:
Note: Please discuss with TimeSolv Support at 651-687-0090 to help you with transferring data from an older billing software to TimeSolv. You will need to cut and paste data into the provided Excel templates so it can be easily imported.


  • Select the Import/Export link under Account:


To Import from Excel:

  • select Import Excel tab.


  • Select the Entity from the drop-down:
    Client Note
    Expense Code
    Matter/Project Note
    Related Party
    Task code


  • Download an Example File which will show you how your data should be laid out for it to be easily imported.


  • Select File to be imported.


  • Select Import.


To Export from Excel:


  • select Export Excel tab.


  • Define Entity from the drop down
    Client/Matter/Project Contact
    Activity Code
    Expense Code
    Staff Member
    Plan Task
    Payment & Allocation
    Ledger Entry
    Client Note
    Matter/Project Note


  • Select Export.


To Backup data:


  • Select the Backups tab.

Note: The Automatic Data Backup service ($19.95 per month) emails you a backup copy of your data on the selected schedule.


  • Choose Backup Frequency from the following:Disabled
    Weekly (on Sunday)

    Monthly (on 1st of month)


  • Create a Backup File Password.


  • Type in the Email Address that you wish for the backup files to be sent to.


  • Type in an Additional Email Address that you wish for the backup files to be sent to.


  • Click Save.

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