I cannot delete a Client, Matter, and Professional.

Please check for the following if an error pops up when deleting a Client, Matter, or Professional:

1. When deleting a Client:

Error: “Could not delete Client due to its usage in Matter”

a. The client has Matter information associated with it.  
b. Clients with outstanding payments cannot be deleted. 
c. To mark the client as “Inactive,” it should not have any:

i. Unbilled time/expense entries 
ii. Unpaid Invoices 
iii. Opening balance 
iv. Unallocated credits  
v. Trust balances 


2. When deleting a Matter:

Error: “Could not delete Matter. It has been used in Invoice and Time Entry.”

a. The Matter has Time entry and Invoice related information associated with it. 
b. Matters cannot be deleted unless all linked transactions have been deleted. 
c. To mark the Matter as “Inactive,” it should not have any:

i. Unbilled time/expense entries 
ii. Unpaid Invoices  
iii. Unallocated Credits 
iv. Trust Balances


3. When deleting a Professional:

Error: “This record is used by other records and cannot be deleted - please remove all references and try to delete again.”

a. Professionals with time/expenses recorded in the system cannot be deleted. 
b. To be able to delete, the Professional should not be an "Active Approver."


4. When marking a Professional as “Inactive:”

Error: “This Professional is an active Approver. To inactivate this Professional, please first inactivate or delete Approver settings of this Professional.”

a. First, the Approver settings must be turned off, then the Professional can be inactive.