How to save your Login ID and Password – MAC Users



Things You’ll Need:

  • Safari Web browser
  • Internet access
  • Macintosh computer with OS X

Set Your Passwords Preferences

1.    Step 1

Open up your Safari Web browser and choose ‘Preferences’ from the Safari pull down menu<image001.gif>.

2.    Step 2

Click on the heading ‘AutoFill.’

3.    Step 3

Click on the box next to ‘User Names and Passwords.’

4.    Step 4

Close the ‘Preferences’ window.

Save Your Passwords

5.    Step 1

Go to a Web page that requires a password and enter in your chosen password. Safari will then ask if you would like to save this password.

6.    Step 2

Click on the button ‘Yes’ in order to save the password.

7.    Step 3

Complete steps 1 and 2 for any other passwords that you want Safari to remember.

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