How to Run TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline App on macOS Ventura 13.0

This workaround is only for users running macOS Ventura v13.0. 

Users on macOS versions earlier than Ventura 13.0 should keep using the standard installation process, described here TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline.


TimeSolv users who have recently upgraded their macOS to Ventura 13.0 are unable to run TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app due to some Java compatibility issues with the latest macOS Ventura.

The TimeSolv team is working diligently to resolve this issue and has come up with a temporary solution that allows users to run the TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app and sync with QuickBooks successfully.

Note: TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app must be installed on the user's Mac machine. If it is not installed, click on this link TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline for instructions on how to install it.


Follow the instructions given below to resolve the issue: 

1. Click here on TimeSolvQBOLauncher to download the launcher app.

2. Navigate to the download folder on your machine and double-click on it.

1. Launcher-dmg

3. Drag the file to the Applications folder.

1. TimeSolvQBOLauncher

4. Click on TimeSolvQBOLauncher from the Applications to launch TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app.

2. TimeSolvQBOLauncher

3. AppLaunched

4. This step successfully runs the TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app and you should now be able to sync TimeSolv with QuickBooks Online on macOS Ventura v13.0 using this workaround until a proper solution to the issue is provided.