How to allow the TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline App to run on macOS 13 when it gives the Privacy & Security prompt during installation?

If your macOS Ventura 13.0 is preventing you from installing the TimeSolvQuickBooksOnline App, follow the instructions below:

1. Head on to the location where the "TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline-macos64-offline.dmg" file is downloaded.

1. TimeSolvQBO Downloaded dmg file

2. Double-clicking on the downloaded file should bring up the "Install" icon on your macOS desktop.

2. Instal Icon

3. A Finder window should appear as in the image below. Double-click on the "TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline" icon instead of the drag-and-drop option.

3. Wrapper Window

4. A "Privacy & Security" screen is displayed. Make sure to select the "App Store and identified developers" button.

4. Security and Privacy

6. If prompted with the following dialog, provide your password or use fingerprint authentication.

5. Security and Privacy-2

7. If prompted with the following dialog, select "Open."

6. Malicious Software prompt

8. The JWrapper progress dialog should open, as shown below. Let the installation continue, and when prompted, provide the user/password.

7. AppLaunched