Handling of Payments transfered to QuickBooks

TimeSolv recommends that payments received from clients must be deposited into either the trust account or the operating account in TimeSolv. Funds paid for work that has already been completed and invoices that have already been sent to the client can be deposited to operating account; other client funds should be deposited into the client trust account.

After depositing payments, allocate them to invoices from the trust account and the operating account. Now you are ready to transfer payments to QuickBooks

Payments transferred to QuickBooks from TimeSolv show up as undeposited funds under each customer in customer center. The next steps are:

  • Click the Banking icon and then select Make Deposits
  • Click the Deposit To drop-down menu and select the bank account for the deposit
  • Enter the date
  • Select the payments from Undeposited Funds to be deposited
  • Click Print to print a deposit slip
  • Save the transaction
  • Deposit the funds

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