Getting Started On Your Own

New users to TimeSolv find they are most successful with our software when they take advantage of the TimeSolv’s online training for Administrators.

However, we know a lot of users want to set up TimeSolv on their own. The following information will help you in setting up your account. This document does not cover every detail of TimeSolv but instead focuses on the most important areas of the application, in particular those that should be configured immediately after opening a TimeSolv account.

Following is what you can do to get started with TimeSolv:

  1. Setup timekeepers and support users for your firm
  2. Create clients. This must be done first before you can create any matters or projects
  3. Create Matters/Projects.
  4. Create Time entries

You now have the basics in place for timekeepers to start entering and tracking their time. Next, you’ll want to set up the following:

  1. Set up firm related terminology
  2. Set up Global Rates for the firm users
  3. Create abbreviations for time entries
  4. Setup Task Codes
  5. Setup Expense Codes
  6. Create related parties and perform conflict search
  7. Create expense entries and recurring expenses
  8. Generate invoices/bills using editable Flexible Billing templates
  9. Create payments
  10. Generate reports to track timekeeper/client/project activities
  11. Import and export data to various formats and third party softwares such as QuickBooks

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