Account Settings

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: Settings is where you can define certain firm-wide settings. You can also upload your logo for use on bills and project reports. Any changes made here apply to all the firm’s timekeepers. You can customize fields and set up your firm’s brand under the account settings, ready to be applied universally to all Timekeeper accounts working under your firm. You can also manage privacy settings for Timekeepers or Support staff you wish to grant limited access to in order to protect data privacy.



To access firm settings:

  • Select Settings link under the Account tab.


  • Under the General tab, enter the Firm Name.


  • Enter Firm Label (i.e. Firm, Company, or Partnership)


  • Enter Staff Member Label – this is how you would like your timekeepers to be labelled in the system fields (i.e.  Associate, Consultant, Employee, Fee Earner, Professional, Resource, Staff Member, or Timekeeper)


  • Tax Label (i.e. ‘Admin Fee’ instead of ‘Tax’)


  • Tax ID (this may read differently if you have changed the above field of ‘Tax Label’ to a customized label)


  • For invoices, statements, and reports, please choose the way in which you would like the date formatted throughout your TimeSolv web app.


  • You can specify the Week Start Day to customize how you view your TimeSolv calendar.


  • If needed, please enter an Australian Business Number in the field shown below.

Note: If you are registered with the Australian Business Register Online, only then you can enter your Australian Business Number (ABN).


  • Set Session Timeout Duration (hours)

Note: Session Timeout Duration is the length of time a user can remain logged on to the TimeSolv web app but inactive. TimeSolv automatically ends a timekeeper’s session once this amount of time has elapsed. For example, if you would like inactive users to be automatically logged out after 30 minutes, enter 0.5.


  • Enter your firm’s URL in the Firm URL field.


  • If you would like to enable the Access to Assigned Matters/Projects Only feature, please check the box. This means that on the TimeSolv web app, your firm users will only be able to access the Matters/Projects that are assigned to them.


  • Enable Dashboard check box if Dashboard needs to be enabled.

Note: The Dashboard feature is basically a graphical representation of hours, amount and billing rate for the whole year. Dashboard is visible to both admin and non-admin users. Admin users have more rights than non-admin users. Firm admin can view dashboard of any non-admin user in that firm.


  • Enable Commissions check box if commissions needs to be enabled.


  • Specify a Fixed Holdback amount Per Invoice if need be.


  • Specify a Percent Holdback Per Invoice if need be.


  • Click the Save button to save the firm settings.

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