Account Settings

Settings is where you can define certain firm-wide settings. You can also upload your logo for use on bills and project reports. Any changes made here apply to all the firm’s timekeepers.


To access firm settings:

  • Select Settings link under the Account tab.


  • Under the General tab, enter the Firm Name.


  • Enter Firm Label (i.e. Firm, Company, or Partnership)


  • Enter Staff Member Label – this is how you would like your timekeepers to be labelled in the system fields (i.e.  Associate, Consultant, Employee, Fee Earner, Professional, Resource, Staff Member, or Timekeeper)


  • Tax Label (i.e. ‘Admin Fee’ instead of ‘Tax’)


  • Tax ID (this may read differently if you have changed the above field of ‘Tax Label’ to a customized label)


  • For invoices, statements, and reports, please choose the way in which you would like the date formatted throughout your TimeSolv web app.


  • You can specify the Week Start Day to customize how you view your TimeSolv calendar.


  • If needed, please enter an Australian Business Number in the field shown below.

Note: If you are registered with the Australian Business Register Online, only then you can enter your Australian Business Number (ABN).


  • Set Session Timeout Duration (hours)

Note: Session Timeout Duration is the length of time a user can remain logged on to the TimeSolv web app but inactive. TimeSolv automatically ends a timekeeper’s session once this amount of time has elapsed. For example, if you would like inactive users to be automatically logged out after 30 minutes, enter 0.5.


  • Enter your firm’s URL in the Firm URL field.


  • If you would like to enable the Access to Assigned Matters/Projects Only feature, please check the box. This means that on the TimeSolv web app, your firm users will only be able to access the Matters/Projects that are assigned to them.


  • Enable Dashboard check box if Dashboard needs to be enabled.

Note: The Dashboard feature is basically a graphical representation of hours, amount and billing rate for the whole year. Dashboard is visible to both admin and non-admin users. Admin users have more rights than non-admin users. Firm admin can view dashboard of any non-admin user in that firm.


  • Enable Commissions check box if commissions needs to be enabled.


  • Specify a Fixed Holdback amount Per Invoice if need be.


  • Specify a Percent Holdback Per Invoice if need be.


  • Click the Save button to save the firm settings.

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