Expense Codes

Purpose & Benefit: On the Expense Codes sub-tab you can identify the expenses you and your staff are completing for clients, including the expense name and expense code. If the expense has a particular rate you would like applied, you can enter that amount. For TimeSolv Legal users, the ABA Expense Codes are pre-built into the application. You can create custom codes under Expense>Settings>Expense Codes.

  • Select Settings under the Expense tab.

  • Select Expense Codes tab.


  • Click on an existing expense code to edit it.


  • Click Delete next to an existing expense code to remove it.

Note: You can only delete an expense code if it has never been used, to avoid corrupt data. If the expense code has been used, the system will not allow you to delete it.


  • Click on the New Expense Code button to create a new code.


  • Enter a code in the Code field.

  • Enter description in the Description field. This is what will come up when you are entering the expense code.
  • Enter Narrative in the Narrative Field.

Note: If a Narrative is provided it will be used as the description of the expense entry when this expense code is selected. Otherwise, description value field (above) will be used.

  • Enter a default price in the Default Price Per Unit field.
  • Enter a default quantity in the Default Quantity field.
  • Enter a default markup percent in the Markup Percent field.
  • Enable the Summarized? check box to itemize expenses on the bill.
  • Enable Taxable? check box if the expense is taxable.
  • To recognize an Expense as a Hard/Soft Cost you need to enable/disable the checkbox. If this is a Hard Cost, select the checkbox. If it is a Soft Cost, leave it unchecked. (See here for more information on syncing Hard/Soft Costs to QuickBooks Online using our QuickBooks Sync tool)
  • Leave Active? check box enabled otherwise the expense code cannot be used.
  • Click the Save button to save the expense code or Save & New button to save and create another expense code. Click the Cancel button to close the New Expense Code form without saving any expense code.The saved expense code will appear in the expense code list.

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