Enable payments in the portal

Payments can be recieved via eCheck, credit card and LawPay/Affinipay. TimeSolv has teamed with LawPay, AffiniPay and CPACharge to provide a seamless credit card and ACH payment process.

With the Client Portal, clients can independently view invoices, payment histories, trust balances, and details of work in progress, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

To receive online payments from your customers via LawPay, you need to setup one or more “Payment Profiles” in TimeSolv. These payment profiles allow you to connect to LawPay/AffiniPay and specify to which bank accounts the payments will be deposited. Note that LawPay and AffiniPay are just two branded versions of the same product. Please see here on setting up payment accounts.

On the Payment screens under the Client Portal, account-specific required fields (both for merchant and ACH accounts) are read from AffiniPay. Corresponding input fields are marked as required and validated.


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