Enable payments in the portal

Purpose & Benefit: You can allow clients to pay their bills through the client portal if your LawPay account is connected to TimeSolv. This allows you to get paid faster by accepting online payments. And another great benefit of using TimeSolv is that your clients do not need to have an account and password set up to access the portal, as the emailed invoice will include a link for them to directly pay through.



To receive online payments from your customers, you need to setup one or more “Payment Profiles” in TimeSolv. These payment profiles allow you to connect to LawPay/AffiniPay and specify to which bank accounts the payments will be deposited. Note that LawPay and AffiniPay are just two branded versions of the same product. We’ll just use LawPay in this document.

Let’s take a simple example. Your firm has three separate bank accounts – Operating, Trust, and Retainer – and payments made for all clients/projects will go to one of these accounts. Let’s set this up in LawPay (we’re assuming you have already created an account with them).

Step 1: Configure your bank accounts in LawPay

Please contact LawPay for configuring your bank accounts.

Step 2: Authorize TimeSolv and get your secret key

Here is how you can authorize TimeSolv to receive payments from your clients and get your “Secret Key” for TimeSolv:


  1. Log in to your LawPay account.
  2. Click on down arrow on right of your name which is on top right corner.
  3. Click on “Settings”

law pay


4.  Click on “Developers” (top right under your name)

5.  Click on the “Authorize Application” button.

law pay2


6.  Choose TimeSolv from the drop down and click on the “Authorize Application” button.

law pay3


7.  Click on the “Show Credentials” link in the TimeSolv box above the “Authorize Application” button.

law pay4


8.  Copy the “Secret Key” value from “Live Credentials” tab.

law pay5



Step 3: Create your Payment Profile in TimeSolv

Click “Settings” option under “Payments” main menu and select the Bank Accounts tab. Click on Create Payment Profile for the account you’d like to connect to LawPay. You may connect as many accounts as you’d like to your LawPay.

Create payment profile







Copy “Secret Key” from LawPay into “Private Key” input field. If the given key is correct and TimeSolv has access to your account, your merchant account(s), and ACH account(s) if configured, would be retrieved from LawPay and populated in drop down list for selection.




When “Trust Accounting” is enabled you can also connect your trust account to your LawPay.



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