How to Edit a Split Entry after Generating a Draft Invoice (and how to Undo Split Entries)

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv allows you to split an invoice in any conceivable way to send to your clients. You can split for as many clients as you need and customize the percentages. Send to multiple clients with confidence each party will be paying exactly what they should for your work. This feature is especially useful for anyone who does mediation, as attorneys need an easy way to enter time and split it between the multiple parties. Now, when there’s a mistake with a bill that’s been split, things can get complicated when trying to correct bills. However, at TimeSolv we have a simple and effective method of reversing the split bills so you can go ahead and make any edits to either the entries or the invoices!


  • To edit an invoice generated for a split billing project, you will have to first void the draft invoice and then Undo Split Entries. To do this, click on Drafts under Invoices tab.


  • Select the invoice(s) you wish to void, and click on Void.

WARNING: We strongly recommend printing out a hard copy of an invoice before voiding it back to draft.


  • Then click on Clients & Matters under Clients tab.


  • Locate to the ‘Master Matter‘ that the split billing invoice was created against.


  • Click on ‘Split Billing‘ tab.


  • Click on the ‘Undo Split Entries‘ button, and click OK to confirm this. All split entries are now unsplit, and you can go ahead and create any changes to the time & expense entries before creating a split billing draft invoice again.


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