Edit Rates on Existing Time Entries

Purpose & Benefit: Old time entry rates can be updated with new rates in batches to save time and prevent missed entries.



To edit rates on existing time entries:

  • To search for time with a rate that has been changed, click on Settings under the Time tab, and select Rate Changes.


  • Select the desired Matter(s). You can select as many matters as you need. If you do not want to limit the search, select All Matters.


  • Fill in the desired date range. If you want to search all time periods, leave the date range blank.


  • If there may be time entries that have been manually altered, select Include Time Entries Where Rate Had Been Overridden.

Note: Even if you keyed in the same default rate in the time entry page rate field, you will need to have this checkbox selected for those time entries to show up in the search.


  • Hit Search.


  • A list of time entries will be displayed showing the old rate and the new rate.


  • Select the desired entries to change and press Update Rates in Selected Time Entries and Matter Assignments.

Note: Make sure you have the ‘select all‘ checkbox clicked at the top of the checkbox column if you want to change the rate for the whole search result listed.


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