Edit Invoice Font Size and Text Alignment

Users can easily edit the Invoice font size, and choose to align Time Entry description text as left aligned or justified in the invoices:


  • Select the Settings link under the Invoices tab.


  • Select Flexible Templates tab.


  • Select New Flexible Template (or click Copy next to an existing flexible billing template if you only wish to change one or a few of its settings by editing the copied template).


  • You may select to view the Font Size as either Small (9 pt), Medium (10 pt), or Large (11 pt) on your invoices. By default this will be set to small font.


  • You may choose to justify the description text (the text you entered in the description field on the Time Entry screen). By default this will be set to justified.


  • Below is an example of an invoice with LARGE font and JUSTIFIED description text:



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