Creating Draft Invoices

Purpose & Benefit: Draft invoices are an essential asset to the reviewing process involved with billing. When you need to change any invoice details, all you need to do is work on the draft to make easy and quick edits while working towards perfection. This process saves you time in having to resolve disputes with clients when there are errors or mistakes on any bills sent out. At TimeSolv, we even allow you to view the drafts without having to download them.

If you are creating a draft invoice for a split billing project, please see this article.

To edit a draft, click here.

This article will walk you through how to create, view, download, and send out draft invoices.

  • Click on Drafts under Invoices tab to access all the unsent invoices.

Note: If you are using TimeSolv Pro, it will read ‘Bills’ instead of ‘Invoices’. 

  • If you wish to create a new draft invoice, click the New Draft Invoices link.

  • Select a filter from the Create For drop down and select the required client/project from the list. You can filter the list down from All Clients and All Matters to My Matters and Responsible Staff Member.

  • Choose the ‘Master Matter’ (i.e the ‘primary Matter’, or the ‘parent Matter’) that you created the split billing project for. All the secondary Matters are under this ‘Master Matter’ in the system.

Note: all the Master and Secondary Matters/Projects that will have draft invoices generated against them will include all other time/expense entries outside of this split billing project, i.e. this step will not only generate a draft invoice for the time/expense entries associated with this split billing project, it will also generate draft invoices for all other un-billed time/expense associated with the Master and Secondary Matters/Projects.

Note: Invoices will only get generated for Clients-Matters that don’t already have an invoice generated against them (i.e. un-billed entries). 

  • Specify a date range to include the time/expense entries in the Date Range to and from fields.

Note: You can leave the starting date blank, despite this being a *required field. Leaving it blank will allow you to bill as far back as possible.

  • The end date field will by default include today’s date. You can change this by clicking on the field and pulling up a calendar view to select the desired date from.

  • Specify the invoice date in the Invoice Date field. This is the date which you wish to generate your invoice on.

Note: This will default to the current day.

  • Specify whether you wish to include
    Matter Billing Arrangement – this means whatever settings are at the Matter level (Clients>Clients & Matters>Matter Name>Invoice Settings>Billing Arrangement) will determine how the draft invoice is created. For example, if the setting at the Matter level specifies ‘Expenses only’, upon selecting ‘Matter Billing Arrangement’ here, you will only generate an invoice for Expense entries.
    Time & Expenses, Time Only, or Expenses Only – if any of these three are selected, the will override any settings specified at the Matter level.

  • If the selected Client-Matters are the ‘Master Matter’, i.e part of a Split Billing Project, please select the Split checkbox if you wish to split those entries. See here for more information in creating draft invoices for split entries.

Note: we generally recommend you do not split the entries/invoice in the first draft invoice (i.e. review the draft invoice first, make any edits if necessary to the time/expense entries, void the draft invoice and issue it again with the Split checkbox selected when you are confident the entry details are accurate). This is to make it easier for you to view the invoice and make any necessary changes easily. If you split the invoice and need to make edits, you will have to retrace your steps back and undo split entries first. Please see here for more information on this.

  • Click the Create button. This means that the invoice gets created and listed under the Invoice>Drafts link.

  • Under the Status column, the  means ‘Review Completed’,  means the draft has been ‘Viewed’, and means it’s been ‘Edited’.

  • If under the Split column you see a + sign, it means the draft invoice which is a part of a Split Billing Project, has been split. If you see a – icon, it means the Matter/Project is a part of a Split Billing Project but has not yet been split.

  • Ensure all necessary checkboxes are enabled for delivery methods. You can enable the Printer method (will download a PDF of the invoice), Email method (will email a copy to the client and will CC the firm’s address), or AutoMail (TimeSolv charges $1.49 per piece, and additional postage as required. No return mailer is included. Invoices on Automail will be sent out just before 17:00 Central Time).

Note: The checkboxes are selected by default depending on your invoice settings at the Matter level. Any changes you make to these checkboxes on this page will only be effective for this single Client-Matter invoice. If you want to save these settings for all future invoices for this Client/Matter, please go under Clients>Clients&Matters>[matter name]>Invoice Settings.

  • Click the document icon  to view the summary of the invoice.

Note: This icon will only appear for consolidated invoices. For more information on how to consolidate invoices, click here.

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon  to preview the invoice.

  • There are multiple ways to download a single invoice:
    1. Click on the download icon on the far right of the appropriate invoice row.
    2. Select the checkbox against the single invoice and click on the Download button at the top right of the screen.

  • To download multiple invoices, select the appropriate checkboxes against the multiple invoices, or select all by click on the topmost checkbox of the checkbox column.

  • A window will pop up showing you a pending status under the ‘Ready?‘ column – meaning that the document is being processed. The document will automatically download if you remain on this screen.

  • If you choose to exit the document processing screen and navigate to other areas of TimeSolv while the document continues to process in the background, you will note a green Downloads link appears when the document has been successfully processed and is ready to be downloaded.

Note: if a document does not finish processing within 30 minutes (or due to some issue in the report server), a ‘Delete‘ link will become available for the user to get rid of the entry.

  • When you click on the green Download link, you will be able to rename, download, or ‘clear all’ listed documents.

  • An example of a downloaded draft invoice PDF:

  • To send an invoice, select the checkbox next to the invoice(s) you wish to send, then click Send button from the top of the screen. The sent invoice will now appear in the Invoices>Sent link.

  • To void a draft invoice, select the checkbox next to the invoice(s) you wish to void, then click Void button from the top of the screen

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