Document Management

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv has a native document management feature within the application hosted on the same servers as our billing and timekeeping data. Firms can use our software as a hub for managing their client’s files, bills and reports.

To create and manage your documents within the application:

  • Select Documents under the Documents tab.


  • Enter in a search criteria and/or tags to search through your clients and matters.


  • Once you have selected the specific client and matter you wish to upload documents for, you will have the option to create a New Folder. Click on the button to do so:


  • Enter a Name for the new folder, and click Save.

Note: You can create subfolders within folders. So, for example, if you click on your new folder name, and select the New Folder button again at the top, you will continue to create subfolders within the selected folder.


  • To upload documents within your new folder, click on New Document.


  • Choose the file you want to add. You can choose various file formats, including a Word document, an Excel file, and even a PowerPoint.


  • There’s a description field available for a quick explanation of the file, which can be extremely convenient if multiple members of your practice are accessing the same client matter.


  • You can specify Tags.


  • Click Save to complete the upload of the document, or Cancel to discard.


  • If you click on the magnifying icon next to the uploaded document, you can view a preview of the file within the window.


  • If the document has changed, you can create new versions by clicking on the upload icon.


  • Or you can simply edit or delete the original uploaded version by click on the  button.


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