Creating a Time Entry

Purpose & Benefit: The phrase “time is money” is so popular because it’s true. Our time tracking software is designed for the way you work — anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Switch effortlessly between your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android smartphone, or tablet. Start a timer from any of your devices, even when you’re working offline. You can even create several tasks simultaneously through our timer feature.



To create a time entry:

Note: By default all the time entries will be created on the current date but if time entry is required to be created on some other date, select the date from the calendar on the left side.

  • Select Time Entry under the Time tab.


  • Specify the Timekeeper/Professional you are creating a time entry for. Type, or double-click on the field for a drop-down list of all your staff.

Note: this field only displays if Timekeeper has access to create entries for all Timekeepers.


  • By default, the Time Entry date will be selected to the current day, but you can edit the date by clicking through the calendar and clicking on the date you wish to create the Time Entry for.


  • If the Matter/Project you want to enter time for is a part of a Task To-Do, you can click on the Task To-Do link above the calendar to allow you to pull all Matter/Project details from the Task onto this Time Entry screen.


  • A window will pop up. You can search for the Task by entering in a search criteria, and specifying Task due date.


  • Alternatively, simply select the Task from the list provided.


  • Specify the Matter/Project you are creating time for. Type, or double-click on the field for a drop down list of all your matters.


  • Specify/edit the Task To-Do field if this Project/Matter is associated with a Task.


  • You can checkmark the Task as ‘Completed‘ to prepare it for billing.


  • Specify the Task Code relevant to this entry. Type, or double-click on the field for a drop down list of all your activity codes. If a Task To-Do was selected which had a forced Task Code enlisted in it, you will not be allowed to edit this field.

Note: By default, settings are set to Task Codes being a mandatory field. You can change these settings here, and select ‘optional‘ under the Task Code Option field.


  • Specify the Billable Type from
    Billable – amount will be included in the invoice.
    Non-Billable –
    amount will not be included or appear on the invoice.
    No Charge –
    will show on an invoice, but with a zero dollar amount (it will appear as ‘no charge’ written next to the time entry).

Note: The Billable Type drop down will only be available to those timekeepers who have been granted permission by the firm admin. If you cannot view this field, it means every time entry will automatically be billable.


  • Select TimeCard Category if you have this feature activated. Please see here for more information.


  • Specify the number of Hours, or Start Timer.


  • If you opt to Start Timer, you will have to click on Save & New button to activate the timer.


  • To stop the timer, click on the rotating clock icon either on the top bar of the screen, or towards the bottom next to the listed time entry. You can start and stop the timer as many times as you wish.



  • Hovering your mouse over the clock icon at the top of the screen will show Client-Matter time entry details


  • If you have the ‘Show Stop/Start Time‘ checkbox selected under Time>Settings>General, you will not be able to see the Start Timer field (shown above), instead you will see the Stop/Start Time fields (example below).


  • Specify Rate to be applied to this time entry if you wish to override the default rate. Otherwise, the default rate will be filled in automatically based on the timekeeper/professional settings.


  • Provide a Description for this time entry if necessary (the text will autofill from any Task Code you may have selected, but this can be edited).


  • Click on the document icon  to see your list of available abbreviations.


  • Click on the sync icon  to replace abbreviations with the appropriate saved phrases. You can also hit the space bar after an abbreviation to activate it.


  • Click the Save & New button to save the time entry and create a new time entry or click the Save & Duplicate button to save the new time entry and also create an editable copy of it.


  • The new Time Entry will be listed below. You can view a summary of details by clicking on the document icon.


  • Click on the Edit link to make changes to the Time Entry. This will pull all the Time Entry details back into the above fields, so you can change each field accordingly and click ‘Save & New’ to save those edits.


  • Click ‘Copy’ to copy the Time Entry.


  • To delete a time entry, click on the downwards arrow and click Delete.


  • If you are under an Approval system (see here), click on the Submit For Approval button to submit Time and/or Expense Entries for approval.


  • Checkmark the Time Entries you want to submit for approval, or click on the top checkmark box to select them all.


  • Click on the document icon to view status on Approval History.


  • Click on the Submit for Approval button.


  • To submit Expense Entries for approval click on the Expense Entries tab.

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