Create Time Entry from TimeSolv Sync Phone App

Purpose & Benefit: For your convenience, you are able to track your time on your phone and then sync it later to your web database.

To create time entries from your phone:

  • Click on the TimeSolv app from the home-screen of your device.

  • Fill in your TimeSolv user login credentials and click on Sync.

  • Click the plus sign in the right corner to create a new time entry.

  • To create a Time Entry using the stopwatch, please click on the clock icon.

To stop the timer, simply click on the spinning clock.

  • To toggle between starting and stopping the timer, you can continue clicking on the clock icon as needed. Time elapsed will be shown to the left of the clock icon, and the duration field will be shown to the right of the icon (which can be edited by clicking on the box and manually stating how many minutes/hours worked).
  • The date for Time Entry will default to the current day, but you can change this by clicking on the Date field. A calendar will appear for you to select your preferred date for this Time Entry. Once you have selected it, click on OK.
  • To specify the client, please click on the Client field.
    • If you click on Recent at the top, you will only see the most recent clients that you have entered time for (this list includes time entries made on TimeSolv browser app). Click on the desired Client name.
    • Alternatively, if you click on All at the top, you can view your entire list of Clients. Simply scroll through the list and select the desired client name.

  • Click on Matter field to select the relevant matter for this Time Entry.
    • If the selected Matter has a Plan Task set up for it, you will see a Plan Task field appear. Click on that to specify the Task to assign to this Expense Entry.
      • Specify the Task/Milestone from the list of options.
      • You will also be given the option to mark a Task as Completed by enabling the checkbox.
    • If you need to select a Task Code, please click on the Task Code field.
      • A list of all the Task Codes will appear, scroll through and select the relevant one.
  • If you have access to change the Billable Type, click on the Billable field.  Select Billable Type from:
    • Billable – amount will be included in the invoice.
    • Non billable – amount will not be included or appear on the invoice.
    • No Charge – will show on an invoice, but with a zero dollar amount (it will appear as ‘no charge’ written next to the time entry).
  • Depending on your permissions, you may be able to specify the Rate or a Fixed Fee amount for this Time Entry.
  • You can edit the Description box field. If you selected a Task Code, it will be auto-filled into the Description box, but you can edit this field as you please.
  • To view a list of your abbreviations, click on the document icon.
    • A list of your customized abbreviations will appear, click Done when you have been reminded of the one that is needed, and type in the abbreviation in the Description box.
    • Click on Sync icon to translate the abbreviations into their full phrases.
  • Click on Save.
    • When you click on Save, you will see a notification to let you know the Time Entry was added successfully. Click OK.
  • Click on the + sign to add more Time Entries.
  • Or click on the three bars icon to create Expense Entries or to Sync your entries over to the TimeSolv browser app.

Click here for more information on how to complete the sync from phone app to TimeSolv browser app.

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