Create and Edit Global Rates

Purpose & Benefit:┬áThe advantage of using Global Rates is that you only have to key in these rates once, to have them saved in the system ready to use as you please. For example, if you have a discounted rate, you can create a global rate by the name of ‘10% off’ and key in that discounted rate just the once. You will not have to repeatedly do the math to work out your discounted rate, as it will be saved under global rates, and can be easily used when needed. This is the same for if you have different rates for specific clients, you can name a rate by the client name, and no longer have to worry about memorizing their rate when entering time for them. You can also assign matter specific rates. For example, if you have different rates for the type of work you are doing, i.e. litigation, divorce, or child custody – you can save those rates under Global Rates and assign those rates to the cases as they come in.


To Create Global Rates:

  • Select Settings under the Time tab.


  • Select the Global Rates tab.


  • Click on New Global Rate button.


  • Specify a Name for your new global rate.


  • Provide a Description for your global rate.Note: this description is only available when viewing the list of global rates under this tab. When you are assigning global rates in the clients and matters section, you will only see the name of the global rate, not the description.


  • You can activate or deactivate the global rate from this checkbox.


  • Click Save, or Save & New, or Cancel to discard.



To Edit a Global Rate

  • Under the Global Rates tab, click on Edit Rates next to the relevant global rate entry.


  • Under the Rate column, specify/edit the rate amount. Rates can be unique for each professional or entered to be the same for everyone.Note: if you leave a rate field blank, the default rate will always be applied instead.


  • Click Save, or Close to discard.




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