Copy or Move Time Entries

Click on Time>Search>Copy/Move button on the top right of the screen.

Copy/Move – after searching time entries, when the user selects multiple time entries an option allows to copy or move the time entries. Clicking on this will open a pop-up window.

Difference between Move and Copy:

Move – means replacing the original user, Date, Matter, Task Code and/or Sub Task Code with the ones (optionally) selected in the time entries.

Note: Approval history records of the time entry, to be moved, are deleted.

Copy – means creating a duplicate of the time entry and replacing these attributes with the specified values. Rates are calculated as per Client/Matter rate. The total amount is calculated as per rate and hours.

The specified value overwrites the value in the time entry when the time entry is copied or moved. When no input is specified, the original value from the selected time entry is retained.

Below are some constraints when moving/copying entries:

Professional – if the professional is not assigned to the matter to which the timekeeper is being copied/moved to, the user cannot create or move the time entry unless they are the firm Admin.
Matter – if a time entry causes the matter to exceed budget and ‘prevent exceed’ is enabled, the user cannot copy/move the time entry.
​Task Code – if the original time entry has a matter setting different from the new matter and required Task Code or Sub-Task Code is missing, the user cannot copy/move the entry.
Split time entries – cannot be moved.


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