Purpose & Benefit: Communication is a key responsibility in an attorney-client relationship. In order to achieve that effectively, you need to have your contacts up to speed. The various types of contacts have a hierarchical system in TimeSolv when creating invoices. It is important our users understand the best location to save their contacts under. We generally recommend users save contact information under the Client level, to help save time in having to create contacts under each individual Matter. Also, if you continue to use the same contact information under different Matters belonging to the same Client, you will create a series of contact duplicates.

  • Click on the Contacts link under the Clients tab.


  • There is a search facility allowing you to search through the list of contacts for something specific.


  • Click on the New Contact button to create a new contact.


  • Enter in the new contacts details in the relevant fields.


  • Click on the button to Create Portal Login (please see here fore more information on portal access).


  • Enter the portal login information.


  • Click Save.


  • Back on the main contacts page, there is a button on the top Potentially Duplicate Contacts for you to view/edit/merge duplicates.


  • A list of potentially duplicated contacts will appear. Click on the Details link for more options on amending.

  • On the details page, you can select the contacts that are showing up in the system as duplicates. You can see next to the client name the full contact details. After you have selected the list of duplicate contacts, you will activate a Merge Selected Contacts button at the top, which will proceed to merge the details of the two or more contacts into one contact.


  • On the details page, you also have the option to Edit the specific contact, which will open the full contact form page.


  • You can click on the Associations link to view and edit associations for the relevant contact.


  • Select the Type of contact association from:Main
    Optional Invoice
    Related Party


  • If you have enabled portal settings, specify if you would like the contact to have portal access by checking the box.


  • Select the Clients and click on Save Associations button to save changes.


  • There is also a search bar at the top to search through client contacts.


  • Back on the main contacts page, there is a button linking to Client Portal Access page. Click on the link to launch the page.


  • There is a search bar at the top of the page to search any term to pull up client/matter/contact results.


  • Click on Client name to access Client Details page and make edits.


  • Click on Matter name to access matter details page and make any edits.


  • Click on Contact details to access the contact information page and make any edits.


  • You can view if any of the Client-Matters have portal access if there is a checked box next to the entry.


  • Click on Update Portal Access to update.

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