Connect to Xero

  • To get started with our Xero integration, you need to connect your Xero account to TimeSolv. To start with, click on Account>Integrations.


  • Under the Xero – Non-Certified tab, click on the Connect to Xero button which will lead you to the Xero login page.


  • Log in to your Xero account if you are not already logged in.

If you are an organization with multiple firms, select the firm you want to connect to in Xero, and click on Allow Access button.


  • You will now be led back to the TimeSolv app where you can continue the sync set up.
  • You must configure your TimeSolv-Xero integration before syncing data for the first time.
  • After you have configured settings, you can sync your data from the Sync tab, where you will be able to view a live sync log.
  • You can view logs of previous syncs from the Sync tab.
  • If you need to resync the already synced data for whatever reason from TimeSolv to Xero, you can click on the Configure Resync tab and reset dates for each type so that records are updated after the given dates are synced again in the next sync you initiate.

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