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Purpose & Benefit: Every minute spent working on an invoice means one less minute of billable time. With Timesolv, not only will you get your bills out faster, with our flexible templates clients will never have to question an invoice again. Send bills anyway your client wants, in the mail, via email or we’ll even mail them for you! And with our Client Portal integrated with LawPay, you’ll get paid faster. From LEDES billing and automatic tax calculations to custom narratives and easy-to-apply discounts, we’ve got you covered. You can create Client level invoice settings so they are more specific to an individual Clients’ needs.


To edit Client Invoice Settings:

  • Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab and click on the client name that you wish to edit invoice settings for.


  • Click on the Invoice Settings tab.


  • Checkmark ‘Automatically Complete Milestone and Generate Invoices‘ box if you would like the system to auto-generate invoices against Milestones that have been marked as ‘complete’. By default, this will be turned on. This option can also be adjusted at individual matter levels.

Note: If this option is turned on at the time of generating draft invoices, all the milestones in the invoice date range will be billed out even if their status is incomplete. If this option is turned off when generating draft invoices, then no invoice will be generated.


  • Select the Default Flexible Template.


  • Select From Address from a list of all your saved addresses.


  • Select the checkbox if you wish to Apply Interest for this client. TimeSolv uses compound interest, as opposed to simple interest. Compound interest is based on the principal amount and the interest that accumulates on it in every period. In short, your clients will be charged interest on top of interest.


  • Define Interest Rate.


  • Define Grace Period.


  • Define Payment Terms.


  • Specify Payment Terms Text.


  • Select the Invoice Delivery Methods. You may select multiple checkboxes, and you can choose the Format for email delivery method.


  • In order to edit the Invoice Narratives field, please click on the Edit Narratives for this Client button. Once you have made all those relative changes to the Narratives fields, please click Save.

Cover Page Narrative – appears towards the top of the cover page, below matter and client name.

Invoice Narrative – appears towards the top of the invoice page, below matter name.

Invoice Footer Text – appears right at the center bottom of the page.

Invoice Email Message – appears in the email when the invoice email is sent.

Statement Email Message – appears in the email when the statement email is sent.

Payment Instructions – appears at the bottom of the remittance page.

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