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Purpose & Benefit: Communication is a key responsibility in an attorney-client relationship. In order to achieve that effectively, you need to have your contacts up to speed. The various types of contacts have a hierarchical system in TimeSolv when creating invoices. It is important our users understand the best location to save their contacts under. We generally recommend users save contact information under the Client level, to help save time in having to create contacts under each individual Matter. Also, if you continue to use the same contact information under different Matters belonging to the same Client, you will create a series of contact duplicates.


The Contact tab shows the contacts listed for the client.

To access and edit this:

  • Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired client.


  • Click on the Contacts tab.


  • Click on New Contact to create a new contact.

  • Select the Type of contact this will be from:

Optional Invoice
Related Party


  • Enter in all other desired contact details, including name, numbers and address details. Click Save.


  • Click the Edit link next to an existing contact to view or edit the contact.


  • Click on the Associations link to create associations with other matters.


  • Select Client-Matters you wish to associate, or select the top checkbox to select all.


  • Click on Save Associations button at the top once complete.

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