Client – Active Matter/Project Admin

Purpose & Benefit: Sift through all the active and inactive Matters/Projects to keep your business organized. You can pull up a list of all those Matter/Projects that have not had any activity entered against them past a specified date, which means you can also inactivate those Matters/Projects to help clean up your list of cases.

To view and go through a list of all your active matters/projects:

  • Click on SettingsĀ under Clients tab.


  • Click on the Active Matter/Project AdminĀ tab.


  • You can specify a No Time/Expense Entries Since Date field to search active matters that have not had any time/expense entries entered against them after a certain period in time.


  • Check the Include Matters with Balance Due checkbox if you wish for the search to include unpaid matters.


  • Click Search.


  • Select Client-Matter(s) from the list if you wish to make them inactive, and click the inactive button.


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