Retainer Invoice

To create a retainer invoice:

  • Click the Invoices/Bills tab
  • Click the Retainer link

New Retainer Invoice


  • Specify the required data and click the create button, the retainer invoice will be created in the specified format

Payment Settings

To access the payment settings:

  • Click the Payments tab
  • Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown as default
  • Turn on Trust Accounts here by checking Allow Trust Account Reporting on Invoices

Payment Settings 1


  • Click the Bank Accounts tab to create/edit/delete bank accounts
  • Drill into the Account Name to edit an existing bank account
  • Click the Delete link against the desired bank account to delete after confirmation
  • Click the Create New Trust Bank Account link to create a new bank account

Payment Settings 2

  • Click on Payment Profiles to create/edit/delete LawPay Profile Accounts

Payment Settings 3


Paying Other Parties and Refund from Trust Account

To pay a third party from a Trust Account whose charges are not represented on an invoice or if the balance has to be refunded to the client, click the Payments>>Trust link and create a Disbursement transaction

Creating a Trust Entry

To create a trust entry:

  • Click the Payments tab
  • Click the Trust link

trust entry page


  • Double click or type to search in the Client – Matter field to specify a client – matter
  • Select an available Trust account for this matter or click the plus sign to the right to create a new one.
  • Creating a new account for a matter does not create a new bank account, only a dedicated area to track funds specific to this matter.


  • The Name can be changed to Trust, Retainer, or a custom title.
  • The available Bank accounts will be displayed in a drop down list.
  • Enter the appropriate minimum value for replenishment and the value the account should be replenished to
  • Replenishment values will automatically be added to invoices when the account balance is below the Replenish Below value.
  • Specify a transaction such as Deposit/Disbursement in the Transaction drop down
  • Selecting the transaction as Disbursement will enable the Paid To field. Enter the name of the customer whom the balance has to be refunded
  • Enter the Date this transaction will be recorded in their account.
  • Enter the check number or confirmation number in the Reference # field
  • Enter the amount in the Amount field
  • Enter notes in the Notes edit field
  • Click the Save button to save the trust entry
  • Click the Allocate link to allocate the funds to invoices
  • Click the Delete link to remove the entry