Retainer Invoice

To create a retainer invoice: Click the Invoices/Bills tab Click the Retainer link   Specify the required data and click the create button, the retainer invoice will be created in the specified format

Payment Settings

To access the payment settings: Click the Payments tab Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown as default Turn on Trust Accounts here by checking Allow Trust Account Reporting on Invoices   Click the Bank Accounts tab to create/edit/delete bank accounts Drill into the Account Name Read more

Paying Other Parties and Refund from Trust Account

To pay a third party from a Trust Account whose charges are not represented on an invoice or if the balance has to be refunded to the client, click the Payments>>Trust link and create a Disbursement transaction

Creating a Trust Entry

To create a trust entry: Click the Payments tab Click the Trust link   Double click or type to search in the Client – Matter field to specify a client – matter Select an available Trust account for this matter or click the plus sign to the right to create a Read more