Timekeeper – TimeSync

The TimeSolv’s TimeSync application can be downloaded from the TimeSync tab by a timekeeper:

Click on your name in the upper right hand corner

Click on the  TimeSync tab

INSTALL NOW icon to download the app and install it on your local computer.

*Note you can also get to the Timekeepers TimeSync by going to Account>Timekeepers>Click on Timekeepers name>TimeSync


Using TimeSolv’s TimeSync Application

This application allows a timekeeper to create time and expense entries even when they are not connected  to the internet. To do so:

  • Download and install the TimeSolv’s TimeSync application from the TimeSync tab for timekeepers:



  • Open TimeSync from the desktop icon after installation
  • Enter a valid TimeSolv ID in the Login field
  • Enter a valid password in the Password field
  • Set the Show Start/Stop option to YES if you wish to see the Start Time and End Time fields while create a time entry else play and stop icon will appear to start and stop the time entry’s time on the run
  • Set the Always on Top option to YES if you wish to keep the TimeSync application always on top of other applications
  • Click the Save button to log on to TimeSync and save the login settings for future reference
  • In the Time tab create time entries


  • Click in the Notes section to launch the available abbreviations
  • Click the Save button to save the time entry. The entry can be viewed or edited in the Entries tab
  • Click the Cost tab to create an expense entry


  • Click the Save button to save the expense entry. The entry can be viewed or edited in the Entries tab

Note: The time and expense entries will not be available in the TimeSolv’s web app until the timekeeper syncs them via the Entries tab

  • Click the Entries tab to view the un-synced entries


  • Click on the desired entry to view/edit it or click the X icon to delete it
  • Click the Sync button to sync the entries into TimeSolv’s DB


  • To edit the saved credentails/start or stop/application settings, click the Entries>>Settings button