Creating a Time Entry

To create a time entry:

  • Click the Time tab and Time Entry.
  • Enter required information in the time entry fields and click the Save & New to save a time entry or Save & Duplicate button to save and create a copy of the newly saved time entry
  • Click the Edit link against the saved time entry to edit the time entry
  • Click the black arrow to Copy time entry’s details in the time entry form
  • Click the black arrow to Delete the time entry.

Note: By default all the time entries will be created on the current date but if time entry is required to be created on some other date, select the date from the calendar applet on the left side.

Time Entry 1


View TimeSolv Training Video for more detail.

Edit Rates on Existing Time Entries

Old time entry rates can be updated with new rates in batches to save time and prevent missed entries.

To search for time with a rate that has been changed, go to the Time tab, click on Settings, and select Rate Changes.

edit rates


Fill in the desired date range.  If you want to search all time periods, leave the date range blank.

Select the desired Matter(s).  If you do not want to limit the search, select All Matters.

If there may be time entries that have been manually altered, select Include Time Cards Where Rate Had Been Modified.

Hit Search and a list of time entries will be displayed showing the old rate and the new rate.

Select the desired entries to change and press Update Rates in Selected TimeCards


Searching for a Time Entry

To search for a time entry:

  • Click the Time tab
  • Click the Search link
  • Enter the search criteria and click the Search button

Time Search 1


  • If you select the more options link you can view drop down menus of professionals, clients/mattes, status and billable type to help narrow your search.

Time Search 2

Create and Edit Global Rates

To create or edit global rates click on the Time tab, select the Settings, and go to the Global Rates tab

Global Rates 1

To create a new global rate click the Create new Global Rate link and enter the required information.

*Note, when global rates are selected for use in clients or matters only the Name is displayed in clients/matter tab. The Description is only viewable on this tab.

New Global Rate


Once the rate is created, click on the Edit Rates link on the right to enter the appropriate amounts.

Global Edit Rates

edit global2


Rates can be unique for each professional or entered to be the same for everyone.

Press save when finished and the global rate is ready for use.

Approving the Time Entry

Time is approved via the Time>>Approve Time link. This link is visible only to those timekeepers who have been marked as the time approver in the Manage Approvers section. To approve the time entry:

  • Click the Time tab
  • Click the Approve Time link. The time entries pending any decision are listed there
  • Select the Approve or Reject check box to approve or reject a time entry respectively
  • Comments entered in the Public Comments field will be viewable to users
  • Comments entered in the Private Comments field will be viewable only to the approver
  • Click the Save button such that the time entry will appear with an updated status in the Time Entry view

*NOTE To enable the Time>Approve Time link, your admin must have enabled the time Approvals. To do this please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in knowledge base


Approve Time

Manage Approvers

The Manage Approvers screen lets one create/view/edit/delete the time and expense project/staff level approvers.

*NOTE To enable/view “Manage Approvers” button in profile, your admin must have enabled time and expense Approvals. To do this please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in knowledge base

Manage Approvers 1


To define a new approver:

  • Select a level from the Level drop down
  • Select the firm user’s name from the Approver drop down who will approve/reject the time/expense entry
  • Select a type from the Approver Type drop down
  • Enable the Active? check box such that the approver can approve/reject a time/expense entry
  • Click the Save button to save the approver

Manage Approvers 2

To edit the approver:

  • Click the Edit button such that all the information gets loaded in the approver fields
  • Click the Update button to update  the approver


To delete the approver:

  • Click the Delete link against the approver. After delete confirmation, the approver gets deleted



The following sections describe how to change and modify tax settings to accommodate your taxation requirements:

How do I Change the Tax Terminology?

To change the tax terminology:

  • Click the Account tab
  • Click the Settings link such that the General tab is launched
  • Enter the tax terminology in the Tax Label field
  • Enter the tax ID in the Tax ID field


How do I Specify Appropriate Time and Expense Tax Rates?

To specify the appropriate time tax rate:

  • Click the Time tab
  • Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown
  • Specify a tax rate in the Time Tax Rate (%) field
  • Click the Save button

To specify the appropriate expense tax rate:

  • Click the Expense tab
  • Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown
  • Specify a tax rate in the Expense Tax Rate (%) field
  • Click the Save button


How do I Specify Taxable Activities?

Please refer to the Activity Codes Setup page to specify taxable activities.


How do I Specify Taxable Expenses?

Please refer to the to The Expense Codes page to specify taxable expenses:


How do I Indicate a Client is Taxable?

To indicate a client is taxable:

  • Click Clients tab such that the Clients & Projects link is shown
  • Click the name of a client you wish to identify as taxable. The Client Information Tabs are displayed.
  • On the General tab, select Taxable/Taxable by task option from the Taxable Status drop down box
  • Click the Save button


How do I Generate Bills that Include Tax?

To generate bills with tax included:

Note: Taxes are supported only with the Flexible Billing Template

  • Click Invoices/Bills tab
  • Click the Settings link
  • Click the Flexible Templates sub tab
  • Click the desired flexible billing template such that the Flexible Billing Template information tabs are displayed
  • Click the Main Page tab
  • Enable the Tax section by enabling the Tax check box.
  • Enable the Tax ID check box or ABN check box or both depending upon the firms requirements
  • Click the Update button


How do I Generate a Tax Report?

To generate a tax report:

  • Click Reports tab such that the Reports link is shown
  • Go to the Managing the Firm section
  • Click the Tax Listing link and specify the report options
  • Click the Generate Report button


TimeSolv allows users to create abbreviations for frequently used sentences which can be used later on in the Description of time or expense entries. These abbreviations can be used both for the online time entry or with TimeSync. Abbreviations can be defined both at firm or firm user level.

Display of abbreviations on the Time Entry form. Hover over paper icon to view a list of abbreviations. The blue circling arrows will implement abbreviations.




To edit and add abbreviations, go to the Account tab,  select the Settings link, and go to the Abbreviations tab.

Account,settings, abbreviations


Abbreviations can also be added at the firm user level.  Go to the Account tab, professional (timekeeper) select the user’s name and click the Abbreviations tab.

Firm abbreviations


Video: Creating Abbreviations



Abbreviations on TimeSync application will appear when you click in the description box. New abbreviations are added to to TimeSync after they have been added to the online TimeSolv account and a sync has been run in TimeSync.

TimeSync Abbreviations


Task/Activity Codes Setup

On the Task/Activity Codes sub tab (TimeSolv Legal users will see Task, TimeSolv Pro users will see Activity), you can identify the tasks or activities you and your staff are completing for clients, including the task/activity name and task/activity code. If the task/activity has a particular cost you would like applied, you can enter that amount.

For TimeSolv Legal users, the ABA Task Codes are pre-built into the application.

Task/Activity rates can be by hour or by task. For example, you may charge by the hour for fact gathering, or you may simply charge a flat fee each time you prepare a budget for your client.

Note: If a task cost is not included, the specified rate for the employee completing the task is applied. This is not the default rate but the appropriate rate depending on what is entered in the project’s General tab.

To access the Task/Activity setup:

  • As a firm admin, click the Time tab
  • Click the Settings link
  • Click the Task/Activity Codes tab such that all the existing activity codes will show up
  • To edit existing code click on the code number


  • Click the Create New Task/Activity Code link

Activity Codes



New Activity Code

      • Enter the task/activity code in the Code field
      • Enter the description in the Description field
      • Enter actual dollar amount that applies as the billable rate for the activity in the Rate field
      • Select a unit of measure to indicate if an activity cost is hourly or task based from the Rate Type drop down
      • Enable the Taxable? check box if the activity is billable
      • Enable the Active? check box to make the activity code available for the firm usage
      • Click the Save button to save the activity code or Save & New to save the activity code and create another activity code. Click the Cancel button to close the New Task/Activity Code window without saving any task/activity code.

Time Settings

To specify settings for time entries:

  • Click the Time tab
  • Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown
  • Create the Activity codes in the Activity Codes tab
  • Create the sub-task codes in the Sub-Task Codes tab
  • Create global rates in the Global Rates tab
  • Old rates can be updated with new rates for existing unbilled time entries in the Rate Changes tab

Time Settings