Creating a Time Entry

To create a time entry: Click the Time tab and Time Entry. Enter required information in the time entry fields and click the Save & New to save a time entry or Save & Duplicate button to save and create a copy of the newly saved time entry Click the Read more

Edit Rates on Existing Time Entries

Old time entry rates can be updated with new rates in batches to save time and prevent missed entries. To search for time with a rate that has been changed, go to the Time tab, click on Settings, and select Rate Changes.   Fill in the desired date range.  If Read more

Searching for Clients

Time and billing software by TimeSolv shows Clients and Projects listing for all active clients and projects by default. To search for clients that meet specific criteria: Click the Clients tab such that the Clients & Matters form is shown by default Enter the name of the client/project and select All from the Read more