Timekeeper – Permissions

Any timekeeper specific permissions are assigned here: Select Account>Professionals>Select the Timekeeper name>Permissions Tab  

Timekeeper – Hourly Cost

This tab defines and lists the hourly cost records of a timekeeper: Go to Account>Professionals>Click on Timekeepers name>Hourly Cost   Click the New Hourly Cost to create a record Click the Start Date of the existing record to drill into a record to edit it Click the Delete link to delete Read more

Timekeeper – Profile

The Profile tab is used to enter basic information about the timekeeper: Click on Account>Professionals and select timekeepers name to view profile.   Note: The Bypass Approval? check box and Manage Approvers button will only be shown if the staff/professional approvals options are enabled in either Time or Expense settings. Read more

Timekeeper – Contact

Enter the timekeeper’s contact information here: Account>Professionals>Click timekeepers name, go to Contact tab.  

Timekeepers Setup

Watch our video tutorial     You can setup new timekeepers under the Account tab: Click on the Account tab. Click on Professionals.   Click on New Professional. Fill in the form fields, specifying the timekeepers’ First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password, Confirm Password, and Default Rate.   Click Read more


TimeSolv allows users to create abbreviations for frequently used sentences which can be used later on in the Description of time or expense entries. These abbreviations can be used both for the online time entry or with TimeSync. Abbreviations can be defined both at firm or firm user level. Display of Read more

Timekeeper – Projects

This is a WorkSolv Project related feature. All the projects assigned to a timekeeper along with his role, cost and rate are shown here.

Timekeeper – Abbreviations

The Abbreviations tabs not only lists the firm’s abbreviations but also lets timekeepers create specific abbreviations: Click on Account>Select Timekeeper(staff) member>Abbreviations tab.       The Personal Abbreviations section lists the timekeeper specific abbreviations: Click the existing abbreviation’s Phrase to edit it Click the Delete link to delete the abbreviation Read more