Project Budget

In project budget, user can view and set hours, fees, expenses and bill and can limit them from exceeding.


Clients and project > Project details > Budget



Matter or Project Plans

Matter/Project plans can only be created for firms that have the Enable Matter Plan? check box enabled in the Clients>>Clients & Matters/Projects>><Some Matter/Project Name>>>Budget tab

Project Plan

  • Plan can be created by clicking the View Plan button such that a plan’s outline view is launched:
  • Click the New Phase to create a new phase
  • Click the New Task to create a task. The plan tasks will be available in the time and expense entries for the project they are defined for
  • Click the  New Milestone to create a new billable or standalone milestone
  • Click the Gantt View  to view a Gantt chart
  • Click the name of the phase/task/milestone to edit or delete it
  • Click the Timekeepers Assignment icon to assign the task to multiple timekeepers
  • The task or milestone can be marked as completed by enabling the Completed check box
  • Click the Details tabs against the task to view the details of the task, such as the time and expense totals, time/expense entries

You may also save a matter/project phase as a template for future use. Click on the name of the phase and then “Save as Phase Template”

View Plan



Project – Contacts

Project specific contacts are define here:

Project Contact


  • Click the Edit link to view or edit the contact
  • Click the New Contact link to create a new contact
  • Click the Associations link to create associations with other projects




Project – Assignments

Assign Timekeepers to specific Matters/Projects.

Go to Clients>Settings, select access assigned matters only to activate the assignments tab under the Matter/Project.

Access to assigned matters


After turning on the Matters setting, drill into the Matter Details, click on Assignments tab. Select the Timekeeper/Professional assigned to that matter.

Assigned Matters


Note * You can also assign Matters to a Timekeeper by going to the Timekeepers profile and selecting the Matters.

Go to Account>Timekeeper (professionals, staff) select Timekeeper, go to Matters Tab. Quickly assign Timekeeper to specific matters.

Timekeeper matter

Project – Notes

Project specific notes can be entered here:

  • Enter some text in the Note edit field and click the Save button to create a new note
  • Click the Edit link to edit the note
  • Click the Delete link to delete the note

Project Notes

Project – Calendar

The Calendar tab can be used to define the project specific events. Different users can be assigned permissions over the events. To do so:

  • Click in the desired date cell such that the New Calendar Event form gets launched
  • Events are defined on the Calendar Event tab
  • Users can be assigned on the Users tab

New Calendar Event

New Calendar Event Users

Client & Project Account Groups

To create/edit/delete a Bill and Payment account group, go to Clients>>Settings>>Account Groups as a firm admin.

*Note the Account Groups are used for the integration with AccountEdge.

Account Groups


Client – Matter/Projects

To create a new matter/project, click on the Clients tab in the main navigation and then choose Clients & Matters/Projects. All the matters/projects of a client are listed here and can be marked as consolidated.

Click the New Matter button in the upper right corner to create a new matter/project

Clients & Matters

Choose your client for the matter, give it a name and assign a responsible professional, if you choose. You can also choose to consolidate the matter/project.

Once you have created a matter, you will see a variety of tabs that allow you thoroughly set up and customize your matter or project.

Click here to view all matter/project setting options.

View Existing Matter/Projects

To view existing matters or projects, click on the Clients tab in the main navigation and then choose Clients & Matters/Projects. Search for the matter either by the matter/project name or the name of the client. You may also scroll through the list of clients and their matters/projects.

  • Click on the client name to view all information about a client, including their matters/projects or
  • Click on the specific matter/project name to view/edit details or delete
  • If you have created a matter/project plan, click on the calendar icon to the right of the matter/project name

*Note you can only delete matters/projects that have no records in the system

Client Matters

Project – Plan Role Assignments

Timekeepers are assigned specific plan roles; their cost and rates get populated depending upon their role. Both the timekeeper cost and rate are editable if the firm user has rights to edit them. These timekeepers can then be assigned to plan tasks.

Go to Clients>Settings>Plan Roles 

Create plan roles that will be given to Timekeepers.

Plan Roles

After creating the role for a timekeeper, you will assign the roles to specific Timekeepers in their profile.

Go to Accounts>Professionals (Timekeepers, staff, etc) and click on the individual Timekeepers name and go to Matters tab. Select the Client-Matter and a “role” box will appear allowing you to select the plan role. Enter the cost/rate.

TK assign plan roles Click the Save Assignments button that can be found by scrolling down the page.

After the assignments are saved, the Assign link appears against the timekeepers that have been assigned roles. Assign PLan tasks


Assign the plan tasks and click Assign.

Note* Plan roles and project plan tasks must be created first before you can assign Timekeepers roles, tasks and cost/rates.

Enabling Matter or Project Plan

The Enable Matter or Project Plan option is found in Clients>>Clients & Matters/Projects>><Some_Matter/Project>>>Budget tab.

Enabling this option reveals two more check boxes:

  • Task Required on Time and Expense Entry?
  • Timekeeper Assignment Required?

Clicking the Save button results in revealing the View Plan button.


  • Specify a Billing Arrangement option such as Time and Materials/Milestone – Time Only/Milestone – Time and Expense
  • Selecting Time and Materials/Milestone – Time Only/Milestone – Time and Expense options from the Billing Arrangement drop down would reveal Fixed Fee Amount field
  • Specify a Budget By option which can be: Project/Task/Timekeeper.
  • Selecting any of the options will reveal four check boxes: Prevent Hours Exceeding Budget, Prevent Fees Exceeding Budget, Prevent Expenses Exceeding Budget, Prevent Invoice Over Budget
  • When the Project option is selected then apart from Invoice, the Budgeted field for Hours, Fees and Expenses also get editable


  • Enable the Prevent Hours Exceeding Budget, Prevent Fees Exceeding Budget, Prevent Expenses Exceeding Budget and Prevent Invoice Over Budget check boxes to prevent the hours/fees/expenses or invoices going over budget

Creating a Project/Matter

To create a project:

  • Click the Clients tab such that it defaults to Clients & Projects link which shows any existing clients and projects


  • Click the Create New Project link


Note: New project can also be created by drilling into a client and going to the Projects tab

new project

  • Click the Save or Save & New button after entering the desired project name.

Note: The Assignments tab is available only when the project has a plan. The Calendar tab is available only for calendar enabled fields.