In the Payments tab, one can define payments, external trust entries and bank accounts:     To create a payment and credit: Click the Payments tab such that the Payments link is shown Specify a date in the Date field Select a client – matter in the Client – Matter Read more

Write Off a Sent Invoice/Bill (partial or full)

To Write Off a Sent Invoice (partial or full): Click the Payments tab which defaults to the Payments link Specify the date of the write off in the Date field Select the client/matter (customer/project) from the Client – Matter field Select Write Off option from the Credit Type drop down Select the appropriate Payment Read more

Allocating a Payment

To allocate a payment: Click the Payments tab such that the Payments link is shown Create a new payment entry or search for an unpaid payment entry by entering the required criteria   Click the Allocate link against the desired unpaid entry Click the Allocate Oldest First button to allocate Read more

Refunds to Clients

For most law firms, the client balance should be in the Trust Account. To refund from the trust account, click here. The following are three different situations related to issuing credits back to the client if the funds are currently located within an operating account i.e. the Payments tab: The Client Underpays Read more

Payment Settings

To access the payment settings: Click the Payments tab Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown as default Turn on Trust Accounts here by checking Allow Trust Account Reporting on Invoices   Click the Bank Accounts tab to create/edit/delete bank accounts Drill into the Account Name Read more

Paying Other Parties and Refunds from Trust Account

To pay a third party from a Trust Account whose charges are not represented on an invoice or if the balance has to be refunded to the client, click on the Payments>>Trust and create a disbursement entry against the desired trust or retainer entry.

Overview of Billing and Payments Process

Generating invoices in TimeSolv is an easy and efficient process. This overview explains the process of generating, editing and sending bills to your clients. Creating an Invoice Generating an invoice requires the selection of just a few criteria. Simply choose the client and date range, and TimeSolv automatically creates a Read more

Enable payments in the portal

To receive online payments from your customers, you need to setup one or more “Payment Profiles” in TimeSolv. These payment profiles allow you to connect to LawPay/AffiniPay and specify to which bank accounts the payments will be deposited. Note that LawPay and AffiniPay are just two branded versions of the Read more