Invoices of project

All invoices of a project is displaying under Bills/Invoices tab in project details Clients > Clients & Projects > Project Details > Bills   User can view total amount and remaining balance for invoices. A ‘pay’ button is displayed through which invoices can be paid.

Logo Size

How to resize a logo to fit perfectly on the invoice header? In order for your firm logo to fit perfectly on the invoice header, it may need to be resized to a width of 7 inches. Follow the instructions below to exactly resize a logo to be 7 inches wide Read more

Sent Invoices

Invoices sent to the customers are listed in the Invoices>>Sent link where all the paid and unpaid invoices are listed:   Click the Download button to download the selected invoice Click the Resend button to resend the invoice by modifying the sending modes e.g., the Printer/Email/AutoMail check boxes Click the Read more

Invoice Settings

To access invoice settings: Click the Invoices tab Click the Settings link such that the General tab is shown by default   Click the Flexible Templates tab to create,edit, copy and delete the flexible templates   Click the AutoMail tab to review invoices sent by the delivery option AutoMail.  

LEDES Invoices

TimeSolv Legal generates invoices in LEDES 1998B format. Since LEDES is a standard format, certain items have to be setup correctly to meet the invoicing requirements. Tax ID (required) – Go to Account>>Settings>>General and enter the Tax ID LEDES Timekeeper ID and LEDES Classification (required) – Go to Account>>Timekeepers (professionals), Read more

Discounts or Adjustments to an Invoice

Following are the steps to add discounts/adjustments to an invoice: Go to the Invoices tab Drill into a draft invoice Amount to edit it Click the Totals sub tab To enter adjustment, enter some numeric value in the Adjustment field along with its label in the Label field Note: Enter Read more

How to create Fixed Fee Bills

This example shows how to create a fixed fee invoice where the detail for each time entry is not shown and only the totals are rolled up to the Task Create one time entry for each of the time keepers against a client-matter where the rate of the activity is set Read more

Overview of Billing and Payments Process

Generating invoices in TimeSolv is an easy and efficient process. This overview explains the process of generating, editing and sending bills to your clients. Creating an Invoice Generating an invoice requires the selection of just a few criteria. Simply choose the client and date range, and TimeSolv automatically creates a Read more

How do I add the client number to the invoice?

We generally recommend not showing the client id on invoices unless it has a special meaning to the client. If is required to be shown on the invoices: Enter it either on the client details by going to Clients>Clients&Matters>click on Client Name>Invoice Narratives. Applying at the client level will display the client Read more

Enable Interest for Client

Enable Interest at Firm Level; Clients Settings Invoice Settings Enable Apply Interest? Enter Interest Rate (annual basis) Grace Period (time allowed in addition to payment terms) Note: If clients already exists in TimeSolv, change the FIRM settings to apply interest to all future clients, then change the interest settings on Read more

Draft Invoices

All the drafts invoices are listed in the Invoices>>Drafts link. Click the New Draft Invoices link to create a new draft invoice   Select a filter for clients and projects from the Create For drop down and select the required client/project from the list Note: Invoices will only get generated for Read more