Internal Server error related to NetDocuments

Internal Server error displays if a user tries to reconfigure NetDocuments When users Revoke Access for TimeSolv from within NetDocuments website, the following error message is displayed: The user will be led to a page where they can configure NetDocuments again. NOTE: There is a lag time when a user Read more

Document Automation

Purpose & Benefit: The document automation feature will save your firm valuable time so that you no longer have to manually fill in clients, addresses, and other details for each individual recurrent document type. These templates allow you to generate detailed documents in a matter of seconds.   Step One: Create Read more

Document Management

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv has a native document management feature within the application hosted on the same servers as our billing and timekeeping data. Firms can use our software as a hub for managing their client’s files, bills and reports. To create and manage your documents within the application: Select Documents Read more

NetDocuments Integration

Purpose & Benefit: With an integration to TimeSolv, files and emails stored for your clients and matters in NetDocuments will automatically be accessible within TimeSolv, allowing your firm to use our system as your hub for client and matter management.   Select Settings under the Documents tab.   Click on Configure NetDocuments. Read more

Dropbox Integration

Purpose & Benefit: Dropbox is an incredibly popular document management application that allows law firms to share files within the office as well to their clients. With an integration to TimeSolv, you can now access your Dropbox files within TimeSolv and folders for your new clients and matters are automatically generated Read more