How to Enable the Client Portal

Purpose & Benefit: Lawyers are constantly looking for ways to improve client relations and streamline the payment collection process. A client portal assists with both needs by providing a direct line of communication with your clients, while also simplifying the invoicing and payment collection process. With this electronic gateway, an Read more

Enable payments in the portal

Payments can be recieved via eCheck, credit card and LawPay/Affinipay. TimeSolv has teamed with LawPay, AffiniPay and CPACharge to provide a seamless credit card and ACH payment process. With the Client Portal, clients can independently view invoices, payment histories, trust balances, and details of work in progress, allowing you to Read more

Give access to the portal

Purpose & Benefit: Portal access is given to Contacts in TimeSolv. Since a given Contact can be associated with many projects, access to the portal is granted either at the specific project level or can be granted at the client level for access to all projects within the client. Any user Read more

Sending Invoices Through Email

Purpose & Benefit: When an invoice is sent on Email, it will appear as follows, both for automatic portal access and if there is login required for the portal. For more information on portal access, please see Give access to the Portal. Lawyers are constantly looking for ways to improve client Read more