Create a New Client

To create a new client: Click the Clients dropdown Click on Clients & Matters (or Clients & Projects)   Click the  New Client link Enter the client name in the Client Name field Click the Save button such that the new client’s detail form will be launched Enter the required Read more

Update Client Information

To update information for a client: Click to the Clients tab>Clients&Matters Search for the desired client Drill into the desired client from the searched results After doing modifications, click the Save button to save the changes

Searching for Clients

Time and billing software by TimeSolv shows Clients and Projects listing for all active clients and projects by default. To search for clients that meet specific criteria: Click the Clients tab such that the Clients & Matters form is shown by default Enter the name of the client/project and select All from the Read more

Delete a Client

Note: Clients with outstanding payments cannot be deleted. To delete a client: Log on as firm admin or firm user (with permissions to delete clients) Click the Clients tab Drill into the desired client Click  the Delete This Client link   After a delete confirmation message the client will get Read more

Client Information Tabs

All the clients and projects are listed in the Clients>>Clients & Matters link. After a new client is created, one is taken to the following client information tabs: General, Contacts, Invoice, Terms, Projects and Notes. Note: An additional Relationships tab will be shown for conflict enabled firms. One can also Read more

Consolidate/Combine Multiple Matters for Invoicing

To consolidate multiple matters/projects for a client onto one invoice: Click the Clients tab Drill into the desired client’s name Click the Matters/Projects tab Select the Consolidated? check box against the desired projects. The setting will be automatically saved.   Note: If you created any drafts for the client before these Read more

Client – General

Following is the General tab of the client:   After entering the required information, click the Save button.  

Client – Contacts

The Contact tab shows the contacts listed for the client. Click the  New Contact to create a new contact   Click the Save button to save the new contact

Client – Invoice Settings

Any client specific invoice settings are done in the Invoice Settings tab. Click the Save button to save the invoice settings.

Defining Settings for Clients

Settings can be defined for clients in the Clients>>Settings link:   Specify the general settings on the General tab   Specify the generic invoice settings for ALL the clients and matters Invoice (or Bills) Settings tab. *Note these are global settings and will effect all newly created clients and matters. Apply Read more

Client & Project Account Groups

To create/edit/delete a Bill and Payment account group, go to Clients>>Settings>>Account Groups as a firm admin. *Note the Account Groups are used for the integration with AccountEdge.  

Create and Edit Global Rates

To create or edit global rates click on the Time tab, select the Settings, and go to the Global Rates tab To create a new global rate click the Create new Global Rate link and enter the required information. *Note, when global rates are selected for use in clients or Read more

Client – Invoice Narratives

Any client specific terms such as cover page narrative, invoice narrative, invoice footer text, Invoice and Statement e-mail message and payment instructions are defined here. Click the Override button to modify these terms

Client – Matter/Projects

To create a new matter/project, click on the Clients tab in the main navigation and then choose Clients & Matters/Projects. All the matters/projects of a client are listed here and can be marked as consolidated. Click the New Matter button in the upper right corner to create a new matter/project Choose Read more