How to Enable the Client Portal

Any Admin user can enable the portal for your TimeSolv account. To do so, go to the Client / Settings page and look for the Client Portal settings section at the bottom of the page: While enabling client portal from main settings there are two combo-boxes of ‘Time Visibility’ and Read more

Enable payments in the portal

To receive online payments from your customers, you need to setup one or more “Payment Profiles” in TimeSolv. These payment profiles allow you to connect to LawPay/AffiniPay and specify to which bank accounts the payments will be deposited. Note that LawPay and AffiniPay are just two branded versions of the Read more

Creating Multiple Payment Profiles

You can create multiple payment profiles specifying different combinations of accounts for regular vs. trust/retainer payments. However, please note that once a payment profile has been used to make a payment, it cannot be deleted. Client/Project Specific Payment Profiles “Firm Default” payment profile shall be used to receive payment from Read more

Give access to the portal

Portal access is given to Contacts in TimeSolv. Since a given Contact can be associated with many projects, access to the portal is granted either at the specific project level or can be granted at the client level for access to all projects within the client. Any user with “All Read more

Sending Invoices Through Email

When invoice is sent on Email, it will appear as follows, both for automatic portal access and if there is login required for portal. For more information on portal access, please see Give access to the Portal.    

How to Receive Payments From LawPay Into Your Trust Account

  How to Receive Payments From LawPay Into Your Trust Account:   Click on Settings under the Clients tab.   At the bottom of the General tab, under the Client Portal section, you can select what bank account you want to receive all portal payments in.   Click Save.   Read more