Company Holiday

Company holidays are defined in the calendar. Create a calendar event and a check box is available for ‘company holiday’. Company holiday is considered as full day holiday.




If checkbox is enabled then all other fields are hidden because this will be considered as full day holiday




When event of company holiday is created than it is displayed in ‘all-day’ row


Calendar holiday


The Calendar tab is available for Calendar enabled firms. This acts as project specific event organizer.

  • Click the Calendar tab such that the Calendar link is shown as default



  • Click on a specific date/time cell such that the New Calendar Event form is launched.

new calendar event


  • Define the event details in the Calendar Event tab
  • Click the Users tab to grant permissions to the users over the event

Calendar, users


  • Multiple user’s calendars can also be viewed (provided if one has the appropriate permissions to view them) by clicking the Add More Calendars link
  • Matter specific calenders can be viewed by clicking the Add More Matter Calendars link
  •  Click the Calendar>Search setting for an existing calendar event or creating a new calendar event

Calendar, search