Two-Factor Authentication

Purpose & Benefit:  Although the internet is a trusted medium for hosting critical applications and information, passwords are often a weak link in the chain of security between a web application and a user. Two-factor authentication helps with improved security, increased productivity and flexibility, lowered helpdesk and security management costs, Read more

Timekeeper – Permissions

PURPOSE & BENEFIT:¬†This page is only available to Administrators to define accessibility for the user. You can protect your firms’ data privacy by limiting access for those users whom you do not want to grant full access to firm-wide settings and data. VIDEO:   Select the Staff/Professionals tab under Account. Read more

Security Information

For businesses of all sizes, Internet-based applications are a great alternative to conventional software. When you choose a Web-hosted application from TimeSolv, security is one of the biggest benefits. There are numerous security advantages to using TimeSolv compared to running packaged business application software in-house. Physical Security TimeSolv keeps your Read more

Frequently Asked Questions on TimeSolv’s Data Security

This section details of frequently asked questions on TimeSolv’s security and data infrastructure. No Question Response 1 What infrastructure is used for hosting the application and the website? TimeSolv is hosted by a state-of-the-art data center provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Highly encrypted 128-bit SSL is used for data Read more