Payment Settings

To access the payment settings: Select Settings under the Payments tab.   Turn on Trust Accounts here by checking Enable Trust Accounting? Note: This is only available depending on what type of TimeSolv account package you have. TimeSolv Pro users will not be able to use Trust Accounting.   Click Read more

Creating a Trust Entry

To create a trust entry:   Select Trust under Payments tab.   Select the Client/Matter.   The trust account should populate in the Trust Account field.   Or click the plus sign to the right to create a new one. Note:¬†Creating a new account for a matter does not create Read more

Retainer Invoice

To create a retainer invoice: Select Retainer under the Invoices/Bills tab.   Specify a Title for Retainer Invoice.   Specify the relevant Client/Matter by either typing or double-clicking for a list.   Specify Date of Retainer Invoice to be created.   Provide a Retainer Number if desired.   Specify Retainer Read more