Overview of Billing and Payments Process

Generating invoices in TimeSolv is an easy and efficient process. This overview explains the process of generating, editing and sending bills to your clients. Creating an Invoice Generating an invoice requires the selection of just a few criteria. Simply choose the client and date range, and TimeSolv automatically creates a Read more

Invoice Settings

To access invoice settings: Select Settings under the Invoices tab.   Specify how you would like to view TimeSolv’s Invoice Label from: Invoice Bill   Click on Create Statements with Zero Balance checkbox if required.   Click on Invoice for My Matters only? checkbox if you wish to only generate Read more

Draft Invoices

If you are creating a draft invoice for a split billing project, please see this article. To edit a draft, click here. This article will walk you through how to create, view, download, and send out draft invoices. Click on Drafts under Invoices tab to access all the unsent invoices. Read more

Invoices of project

All invoices of a project afe displaying under the Invoices tab in matter/project details.   Select Clients & Matters/Projects under the Clients tab.   Select the specific Matter/Project.   Click on the Invoices tab to view invoices for this particular matter/project. User can view total amount and remaining balance for invoices. A Read more

LEDES Invoices

TimeSolv Legal generates invoices in LEDES 1998B format. Since LEDES is a standard format, certain items have to be setup correctly to meet the invoicing requirements.   1. Tax ID Setup (required) Select Settings under Account tab.   Under the General tab, enter in the Tax ID. Click Save.   Read more

Sent Invoices

Invoices sent to the customers are listed in the Invoices>Sent link where all the paid and unpaid invoices are listed: Select the Sent link under Invoices tab.   User can use the search field to search any invoice. You can search by client name, matter name, or invoice number.   Read more

How do I temporarily remove/delete or adjust Interest on an Invoice?

To temporarily remove/delete or adjust interest on an invoice, follows these steps: Select Drafts under Invoices tab.   Click on the draft invoice’s dollar amount to edit it.   Click on the Interest tab. Note: The Interest tab will only be shown for invoices that have interest calculated in them. Please Read more

How Do I Add the Client ID to the Invoice?

If you have custom identification numbers (e.g. policy number, special identification number) that need to be presented on an invoice, please follow steps below: Enter it either on the client details by going to Clients>Clients&Matters.   Click on Invoice Settings.    Type in the Client ID to the Invoice Narrative box. Read more

Enable Interest for Client

If clients already exist in TimeSolv, then first change the firm level settings to apply interest to all future clients, and also change the interest settings on each existing client at the client level.   Enable Interest at Firm Level Note: this would be for companies that charge interest for Read more

Discounts or Adjustments to an Invoice

To add discounts or adjustments to an invoice:   Select Drafts under Invoices tab.   Click on the dollar Amount of a draft invoice to edit it (example below).   Click on Totals tab.   To make an adjustment, enter the value in the Adjustment field. Note: enter a negative Read more

How to create Fixed Fee Invoices

There are a number of ways in which you can create a fixed fee bill:   1. Create a fixed fee bill on the Time Entry page (useful for applying fixed fee bill to a single time entry)   2. Create a flexible billing template and enter in fixed fee Read more

Edit Draft Invoices

If you are editing a Split Billing Project draft invoice, please see this article. To Edit the Draft Invoice: Click the Amount value of the desired invoice to edit the invoice under Invoices>Drafts tab.   Under the General tab,  specify the Invoice Date. This is the date you wish to Read more

How to setup split billing projects for clients-matters

VIDEO: This article will show you how to setup split billing for clients. Split billing provides the option to a firm to split a bill between multiple clients-matters. Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab.   Select the relevant Client that you wish to be the ‘Master Matter’ for Read more

How to generate and edit draft invoices for split billing projects

To generate and edit draft invoices for split billing projects: Generate: Click on Drafts under Invoices tab.   Click on New Draft Invoices button.   Specify the category you wish to create a draft invoice for: All Clients All Matters My Matters Responsible Staff Member   Choose the ‘Master Matter’ (i.e Read more